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Moab UMTRA Project

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Moab UMTRA Project

Energy Solutions has partnered with Envirocon and Castle Valley Resources, to help improve the emergency response plan for the Moab UMTRA Project in southeastern Utah. Sixteen employees from two shifts at the Moab and Crescent Junction sites and have recently completed a 50 hour First Responder training course.

Their dedication to improving the emergency healthcare service of their families and co-workers is very impressive. Many of these individuals work the night shift, and followed up their regular shift with a 6 hour class on Friday, and a 10 hour class on Saturday. 

Every one of the Moab UMTRA First Responder candidates, passed their written and practical examinations on their first attempt! That is extremely impressive, and an indicator of how much effort they put in, away from the classroom.

They will now be able to provide emergency medical support inside the contaminated areas on the Moab UMTRA project, and ultimately help expedite patient treatment and transport.

In addition to the emergency medical support they offer the project, these folks also add to the numbers of people trained in Moab, Green River, Sandy, and Heber Utah, as well as Grand Junction, Cortez, and Nucla Colorado. Many of these First Responders travel between Crescent Junction or Moab, and their home towns every day or every week. This also means there is more emergency help available all across rural southeastern Utah, and southwestern Colorado's highways!

Moab UMTRA First Responders     Moab UMTRA First Responders     Moab UMTRA First Responders

The Moab UMTRA Project is managed by the U.S. Department of Energy. It's purpose is to relocate environmental contaminants from the Atlas Uranium Mill located north of Moab, Utah to a more geologically stable location near Crescent Junction, Utah about 30 miles to the north. Visit the Department of Energy's website for the Moab UMTRA project, by clicking on the link below.


Moab UMTRA Project          Moab UMTRA Project